Known Issues with Disabling or Unbinding IPv6

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A common issue we see in support is unbinding or disabling IPv6 on network interfaces.  Unbinding IPv6 is one of those things where you never know how it’s going to manifest, but the outcome is rarely the desired one.  Based on here is a running list of acknowledged issues identified by product support / Windows product teams when disabling IPv6 by unchecking IPv6 checkbox, broken down by technology:

Unchecking the IPv6 checkbox in the GUI exposes the following product issues


  • MSExchange ADAccess event 2114: Topology discovery failed, error 0x80040a02 DSC_E_NO_SUITABLE_CDC
  • MSExchange ADAccess event 1601: When initializing a remote procedure call (RPC) to the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service, Exchange could not retrieve the SID for account <SID>
  • MSExchange ADAccess event 2012: Domain Controller Servers in use are not responding
  • MSExchange ADAccess event 2105: Exchange Active Directory Provider failed to obtain DNS records for domain <AD DNS doman name>

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Enable or Disable Microsoft’s CEIP

A quick way to turn it “On” or “Off” on multiple servers using PowerShell:

 Invoke-Command -computername server1, server2 {Start-Process ServerCEIPOptin /enable}


Invoke-Command -computername server1, server2 {Start-Process ServerCEIPOptin /disable}

There doesn’t seem to be a cmdlet for this particular ‘feature’.

Indeed, you could always use a GPO instead:



ConfigMgr Store puts all your ConfigMgr apps in one place

SCCMentor - Paul Winstanley

What started as an idea on an email thread only a few days ago has blossomed into a full tool developed by ECM MVP Robert Marshall. He’s beavered away to produce an App Store for all your favourite ConfigMgr tools, scripts and downloads and he’s developed this thing at rapid speed.

I’m proud enough to say I have been beta testing the product for Robert, along with fellow WMUG friend David Scambler.

CMStore can be downloaded from the Technet Galleries here.

It’s Goodbye USB stick

ConfigMgr Store collects ConfigMgr and related downloads into one interface, removing the need for that frantic Google search into the depths of the ether to find the thing you want. A USB stick isn’t needed any more because you can download everything quickly using the customers Internet link, customers scan software and therefore your downloads are safe.

Plenty of apps, tools and scripts are presented here for you…

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Countdown to Microsoft Ignite: Q&A from the Ignite Forum, plus cool things to do in Chicago!

In Episode 4 of the Countdown Show, Rick and Joey answer two of the top questions from the Ignite Forums, and explain how you can ask questions and share your input. Then, they give you another taste of Chicago’s top attractions—including the Museum of Science and Industry (a.k.a., paradise for geeks!)

Top questions this week from the Microsoft Ignite Forums
Did you know you can ask questions, share your opinions, discuss your plans and connect with peers on the Microsoft Ignite Forums? Just click on to get started. Your question may even make it on the Countdown Show!
Question #1: Where do I input the promo code IgniteNA to receive the discounted attendee rate when registering for Microsoft Certification exams?
Answer: Go to and register for your exam. Enter the exam location (Microsoft Ignite North America 2015), and when you get to payment (step 3), you’ll enter the promo code IgniteNA. Remember to pre-register for your exams to secure your desired timeslot.
Question #2: Are there sessions on Friday, May 8?
Answer: YES! With so much happening at Ignite, Friday will have sessions, HOLs, Certification Testing, and more. Plan to come early to take in a Pre-Day session, and consider staying into the weekend so you can enjoy some of Chicago’s top attractions.

Speaking of top attractions…
Watch the video for a virtual tour of Chicago hot-spots you won’t want to miss while you’re at Ignite. Plan time to spend at these historic and amazing locations—like the Museum of Science and Industry, United Center, The Second City, and more. Read on for details!
Museum of Science and Industry
Looking for a chance to play in a tornado or create your own avalanche? The Science Storms exhibit at The Museum of Science and Industry should top your list, revealing the science behind seven natural phenomena—lightning, fire, tornados, avalanches, tsunamis, sunlight and atoms in motion. Check out the Transportation Gallery, exploring all kinds of planes, trains, cars, and more—including the Spirit of America! Take flight in simulators that let you experience aircraft from throughout history. There is so much here, including a new Robot Revolution exhibit coming in May. This is the perfect place to get your geek on. Open daily, 9:30am – 4:00pm.

The Second City
When it opened in 1959, The Second City hosted such comic greats as Ed Asner, Alan Alda, and Valerie Harper. It quickly became a local hot-spot, and the most prolific and influential comedy club in the world. John Belushi, Jim Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, John Candy, Tina Fey, Bill Murray, Martin Short… the list goes on and on. You can sit and watch a night of improv, take in a sketch, or even take a class—and soak up the atmosphere that’s been the launch pad for today’s most influential and well-known comedians. Shows nightly, with matinees and late night shows on Friday and Saturday.

“The Bean” at Millennium Park
If a walk in the park is more your speed, cross over the bridge from the Art Institute Chicago (see Countdown Episode 3) to Millennium Park—home of “The Bean.” Officially titled “Cloud Gate,” the 110-ton “bean” is made out of polished stainless steel that mirrors everything surrounding it. You won’t be the first person to check your reflection. With its state-of-the-art collection of architecture, landscape design, and art, Millennium Park is a great place to explore and people watch.

United Center
Home of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Bulls, United Center is a must-see for sports fans. Opened in 1994, it’s the largest arena in the U.S., and hosts concerts and events throughout the year. Check their website for upcoming games and events.
Join us for Episode 5 of the Countdown Show, coming next week! We’ll share more Microsoft Ignite news, and tips for making your trip to Chicago memorable.
Microsoft Ignite is May 4–8 in Chicago at McCormick Place. Register today.

PowerShell – Convert all VHD’s on your HV cluster to VHDX

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The other morning I was reviewing my hyper-v estate for VM’s running with VHD’s in the legacy VHD format. I thought to myself that a script to convert all of the VHD’s but also taking in several other important steps such as shutting down the VM, optimising the new VHDX, shrink the VHD (where possible), connecting the new VHDX and starting the machine would be nice.

I started down the path of writing the script when I came across a post on Aidan Finn’s blog ( which undertook the majority of what I was trying to achieve with the exception that the script runs on a single host. I decided to press on write my own script to cover off the cluster element.

The result is the below script, which only requires the name of your cluster. Once this is specified the script will connect to each of your cluster…

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Countdown to TechEd Europe: One With Things To Do In Barcelona

Another TechEd Countdown show has been released today 03-Sept-2014. In this episode, Rick (Twitter: @RicksterCDN) & Joey (Twitter: @JoeySnow) share some of Barcelona’s coolest attractions.

After all, you’ll probably take some downtime a this year’s TechEd Europe to refresh the batteries & the brain, so why not check out the recommendations from the guys?

Some Flamenco dancing? Visit Camp Nou perhaps?

All in the video here:

Also, you can hire bicycles in numerous shops from as little as €6/day – good way to explore the city.


Also, check out the TechEd Europe forum on Channel 9 here:









TechEd Europe Countdown Show

Watch Joey Snow (@JoeySnow & Rick Claus (@RicksterCDN as they provide guidance on some of the best eateries for you to visit while at TechEd Europe.

Countdown to TechEd Europe

In this episode the guys visit places such as:

La Bombeta Tapas Restaurant – This popular local bar serves some of the best tapas in Barcelona.

Pastelerias Mauri – You’ll be amazed by the pastries in the glass display at this historic Pastisseria, serving coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and much more since 1929.

Moritz – This historic factory building, opened in 1864 by Louis Moritz (founder of Moritz Beer), has been completely renovated and redesigned by acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel.

Register here for TechEd Europe 2014

Hotel Booking

Twitter: use the #tee14 hashtag or comment to @teched_europe

Official Facebook Page: TechEd Europe

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Dynamically name device & add to correct OU during Zero Touch OSD.

I couldn’t have gotten any of the following to work without the reading the blogs of the ever helpful:

Mikael Nystrom (@Mikael_Nystrom)

Johan Arwidmark (@JArwidmark)

along with twitter help from Peter Cashen (@PeterCashen).

This is for a Zero Touch OSD deployment.

Sometimes people name their devices using “device type-site location-number” as in LT-DUB-1234. What I’ve been trying to do is work out a way to dynamically name devices & put those devices into the correct OU during an OSD where the naming convention for OU’s is OU=Laptops, OU=Dublin, not OU=LT, OU=DUB for example.

Below is what I’ve come up with & while I’m sure there are other, better ways to do it, this is my 2c.

The device is named using the following string:


which for a laptop in Dublin, gives me LT-DUB-1234

The destination OU is Laptops not LT,  so I’ve created a variable called DeviceType & used this to populate the variable with “Laptops” or “Desktops” depending on the device type.

I’ve then created a variable called OULocation & made that equal to the location string  – either Dublin or Redmond, dependent upon the default gateway that’s been discovered.

I’ve had to add three custom properties to the INI:




The OU is dynamically made from the following:


So, in theory, the CS.ini running on a laptop in Dublin should populate the MachineObjectOU as follows:

OU=Laptops, OU=Dublin, OU=Computers,OU=ContosoGroup,DC=Contoso,DC=local.

And name the device as



This is my sanitized CS.ini.


Priority=DefaultGateway, ByLaptopType, ByDesktopType, Default

Properties=OULocation, MyCustomProperty, NameByType, NameByLocation, DeviceType






























Going on Holiday? Switch off that e-mail!

I recently took a two week holiday. We went to the beautiful island of Fuerteventura – again! It’s a place that we call our second home, my wife & I absolutely love it there. Anyway, I digress.

I felt completely burned out because the Christmas break from work really didn’t happen for me due to lightning strikes & a very poorly performing SharePoint server. These things happen – I know & understand that, it’s part of the gig. It normally never bothers me but for some reason I just felt completely shattered. So I made myself a promise – ‘On holiday, No email’.

For the first time since e-mail was made available on a phone, I switched off e-mail on my device. I went so far as to remove the account, just to ensure I couldn’t get work e-mail on the phone.

Best thing I’ve done in years! Really, I mean it – I’m back at work feeling rested, refreshed & ready for anything that the one’s & zero’s can throw at me.

If you’re an IT Pro & going on holiday – do yourself a favour & switch off that e-mail.